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Carpet-weaving belonged to a great part to the Near East, the Middle East, especially Iran .
Iran, the land of thousands of years of art and civilization, has a unique position in many fields of art, especially the art of carpet-weaving.  
In addition to the magnanimous buildings like the Persepolis, and the beautiful carpet tiles from Isfahan, the designs, coloring, dying, and weaving of Iranian carpets, are among other innovative artifacts of our ancestors.   
One significant identity of the contemporary Iranian art is carpet-weaving. The solid weavings, bright colors, startling patterns and the thousand years of activity in this area, has but one message: carpet-weaving is an Iranian art.
Our designer in this company have worked for over 20 years as carpet designers and experts in the Iran Carpet Company, and also been active and influential figures in many private carpet-weaving companies such as big rug art.  
Our designer Participating in the international exhibitions in Iran for 17 years and offering various different works has been another part of our recent activities in big rug art company.
Designing, dying, and weaving hundreds of precious, carpets, rugs ,  killims , , and gabbehs, and mastering all types and styles of Iranian carpets and rugs are among many other achievements of big rug art company.  
With regard to archeological discoveries, one can claim that arts like basket-weaving, namad-weaving, jajim-weaving are all an introduction to carpet-weaving in the BIG RUG ART Company. We also know that early designs were mostly simple, rudimentary, and a product of weaving by the mind, mainly used for daily use.
We are now proud that the art group Big Rug Art, including many carpet designers, graphic designers, and interior and exterior decorators has started a new area of activity in the international arena.
Enjoying a unique group of experts, the BIG RUG ART Company aims to design "special" carpets/rugs customized to the cultural-artistic identity, tastes and decorations of different customers, thus making a name in the newly born area of "special art".  
Taking part in the designing process of the Grand Carpet of Abu Dhabi (6000 m2) and the grand Carpet of Amman in Jordan (5000 m2) executed by Iran Carpet Company is a proof of our capabilities in international activities.   

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