KASHAN is located 258 km (160 miles) south of TEHRAN. It is a large oasis town along the western edge of the great desert, KAVIR, in the province of ISFAHAN in central IRAN.
The central heights of the country cross this township and part of it is located in a vast plain while the other part is

The province of Hamedan is located in the west of Iran, and the city of Harnedan; the capital of this province, in one of the most ancient and historical cities of Iran. Its origin goes back to the second millennium b.C. the

Shah-Abbas the great chose the city of Esfahan as the capital during the Safavid dynasty. He built many magnificent buildings and mosques in the city.
Shah-Abbas, like other rulers of this dynasty patronised Iranian artists and established several court workshops. From that era until modern times, Esfahan has kept its reputation for creating fantastic pieces of

These rugs are relatively coarse and durable. However, one can also find decorative and beautiful carpets with interesting and pleasant designs made of natural and brilliant colours, either those woven for Bakhtiari tribal .
The dyers often prefer to use natural colours to dye the fibres of the carpet. Their preference for the background is

A great number of mediocre rugs are made by the Baluchi tribes which have been settled in the region of Khorasan around Mashhad, Torbat-e-Heydariyeh, Torbat-e-jarn, Sarakhs and in the Province of Slstan-Baluchestan around Zahedan and Iran-Shahr. A number of Baluchi Tribes in Afghnistan also weave rugs.

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