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    The fertile and vast province of Azarbaijan is divided into two provinces, i. e., east and west.
    Carpet weaving has never been popular in West Azarbaijan. On the contrary, in East Azarbaijan, the development of this industry has always been considerable and worthy of attention. In the last one hundred years, Azarbaijan province has had its outstanding share in contributing to the expansion of the carpet industry. So, when in Istanbul (Turkey) the carpets in stock were insufficient, the merchants of Azarbaijan started to install weaving looms in the different cities of its province and throughout Iran. The result of their initiative was the glory and splendour of this industry in Iran. Both course and fine carpets are woven in Azarbaijan, i.e., they weave all types of carpets (within every seven centimetres one can count eighteen up the seventy knots along the length of the carpets.) in the past years and even recently very fine and good quality carpets have been woven in Tabriz but most of them that are produced in the other cities of the province are generally coarsely-woven.
    Normally all the carpets woven in Azarbaijan have Ghiordes knots with double-weft. They are durable and hard wearing.

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